I remember the day when I received news that I would be starting to work in Shanghai that I almost freaked out. The new environment, new colleagues, new everything and the horror story of China.


Everything was arranged by the company, the Visa, the flights, the transit from airport, the lodging, everything.

Is this how expatriates are being pampered?


In flight meal was pleasant, with bottomless wine to go. I had about 4 cups of the wine, a tray full of food and lots of snacks. The view out was pleasantly good too since it was a morning flight. I had choosen a windowed seat, and the seat beside me is vacant.


Just when we were descending I took a peek out. Farm houses, farms and greens.

My arrival to Shanghai Pudong International Airport(上海浦东国际机场) was delayed for 2 hours. The Chinese drivers and colleague were waiting by the entrance. I was only given a name, and a car number plate to match.

It takes another hour from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Minhang district(闵行). In June, Shanghai is slowly moving from Spring to Summer. Temperature range between 24° Celsius in the day to 18° Celsius at night. Vehicles traveling along the expressway have their windows down for the cool air. Shanghai Maglev Train(上海磁浮示范运营线) traveled past us with extreme speed.


Sunrise is typically around 4:30 in the morning, and sunsets at around 7 in the evening.

The office has arranged an apartment for me. Fully equip with Internet, air-conditioning, hot water, and cooking facilities. The office is only a stone throw away, and there are a lot of eateries outside of our apartment. I later learn that centralized hot water are the basic amenities in Shanghai.

Bottled water were provided and delivered to us every week. I later learn that the water supply in Shanghai is very hard and is not suitable for drinking. The nearest subway station is about 10 minutes walk away, and the nearest mall is about 10 minutes taxi ride. Taxis in Minhang district is coded and can only travel within the vicinity. The subway station is between the district border and there is a north and south entrance. The Minhang taxi only goes to one.

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