Borderless Printing

I had thought most mod­ern col­or print­ers are the same; they allow bor­der­less print­ing on paper, as long as it does not exceed the paper size the print­er could take.

I was wrong.

I recent­ly bought myself the HP Deskjet Ink Advan­tage 2060 All-In-One print­er. To my dis­may, the print­er just refuse to print on full bleed, and left a hor­ri­ble 1 inch bor­der at the bot­tom.

At first, I thought it was a set­ting prob­lem. Referred to HP sup­port, and sev­er­al oth­ers who insist that it was my set­tings, or my pho­to pro­gram which doesn’t allow bor­der­less print­ing.

I sent it back to the shop, bare­ly 24 hours after pur­chase. The shop tech­ni­cian insist that it was my set­tings, and after sev­er­al con­fronta­tion with sev­er­al ‘tech­ni­cian’, I final­ly said, “Show me”.

I pass them a few pieces of pho­to paper, and told them what am I expect­ing.

Three hours passed, I was told to leave the print­er with them as they look for a ‘soft­ware’ that could solve my prob­lem.

I insist­ed that they change the print­er to anoth­er mod­el. I was will­ing to top up the dif­fer­ences; pre­vi­ous­ly they insist that I could not return as it was not faulty. I insist­ed that it was faulty as it is not print­ing a pho­to, as a pho­to. To me, the print­er is use­less if I could not print a pho­to with­out that ugly white bor­der.

The sto­ry began when I saw the printer’s write-up on a blog. It wasn’t the fea­ture that attract­ed me, it was the price of the col­or car­tridge. You see, my plan for the print­er is to print pho­tos in bulk, hav­ing a cheap and afford­able ink would save a lot. A nor­mal col­or car­tridge would cost around RM70-RM90. This printer’s car­tridges goes for RM27. I am sold.

I demand­ed for an exchange; It wasn’t work­ing as intend­ed, it is faulty.

Suc­cess. I exchanged with a Canon MP200 Series main­ly because a CISS sys­tem was read­i­ly avail­able, and the price of it is clos­er to the ‘bro­ken’ HP print­er.

The Canon MP200 series print­er has been print­ing pho­tos in full bleed with­out issues. I can’t recall how many pho­tos I have been print­ing, but it has not let me down. Next upgrade? A Canon MP500 series with high­er print­ing res­o­lu­tion.

Now it looks like a pho­to.

Something to say?

  1. dude.. you Suck..! SCREAM Like a Sis­sy.. you Page Solu­tion is a Full of Shit.. it has­nt showed a Damn Solu­tion..

    • The out­come of bor­der­less print­ing is there with a pho­to. I am sure the solu­tion is sim­ple enough if you can stum­ble upon my blog.

    • Com­par­ing the offi­cial car­tridges the HP is cheap­er, the sell­ing point of that par­tic­u­lar print­er series.

      I am using extra tanks for my inks. I think it’s about RM20 for 100ml per col­or. I have not refill since I got this print­er.

      The whole rea­son for the extra tanks is because of the vol­ume that I am print­ing. So far, I think I have print­ed about 400 4Rs and the tank is still 1/2 full. I do a noz­zle main­te­nance every 2 weeks to keep my noz­zle healthy.