I had thought most modern color printers are the same; they allow borderless printing on paper, as long as it does not exceed the paper size the printer could take.

I was wrong.

I recently bought myself the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-In-One printer. To my dismay, the printer just refuse to print on full bleed, and left a horrible 1 inch border at the bottom.

At first, I thought it was a setting problem. Referred to HP support, and several others who insist that it was my settings, or my photo program which doesn’t allow borderless printing.

I sent it back to the shop, barely 24 hours after purchase. The shop technician insist that it was my settings, and after several confrontation with several ‘technician’, I finally said, “Show me”.

I pass them a few pieces of photo paper, and told them what am I expecting.

Three hours passed, I was told to leave the printer with them as they look for a ‘software’ that could solve my problem.

I insisted that they change the printer to another model. I was willing to top up the differences; previously they insist that I could not return as it was not faulty. I insisted that it was faulty as it is not printing a photo, as a photo. To me, the printer is useless if I could not print a photo without that ugly white border.

The story began when I saw the printer’s write-up on a blog. It wasn’t the feature that attracted me, it was the price of the color cartridge. You see, my plan for the printer is to print photos in bulk, having a cheap and affordable ink would save a lot. A normal color cartridge would cost around RM70-RM90. This printer’s cartridges goes for RM27. I am sold.

I demanded for an exchange; It wasn’t working as intended, it is faulty.

Success. I exchanged with a Canon MP200 Series mainly because a CISS system was readily available, and the price of it is closer to the ‘broken’ HP printer.

The Canon MP200 series printer has been printing photos in full bleed without issues. I can’t recall how many photos I have been printing, but it has not let me down. Next upgrade? A Canon MP500 series with higher printing resolution.

Now it looks like a photo.