A friend once told me that I should start a website with content that I readily have, the Malaysian clubbing scenes.

The friend said, I have a lot of materials that I have took with my trusty camera back in the days. These materials are premium never seen before pictures of girls in clubs. The first thing that came to my mind was, it could be a good idea.

It wasn’t one friend that suggested it, it was three friends; they had the same ideas. I sometimes think that their ideas were pre-meditated, that they had planned it along; strange enough, they do not know each other.Then I thought, what about model release, issues where people do not want to be seen on my website looking like how they look; pretty, natural, drunk and stylish? I got to be kidding myself.

Euphoria - Hed Kandi - 26 September 2009

I could not have put things to how I want them to be, I want to put the pictures up to ‘show off’ and at the same time that show offs might end me up in trouble. I guess I could have the best of both world, by putting up a disclaimer, that if you do not want your picture published, shoot me an email.

I guess, that would be fair, right?