For people who knows me well, know that I am not a fussy person.

My history with this company has been outstanding. Back when they spend hours of time wasting digging my knowledge about commercial photography, and using that as an excuse to ‘test’ my skills. Knowing earlier that it might be their trick, I inserted a few false knowledge which can be seen in their photography across the website up till today.

When I was living in Shanghai, the idea of shopping online incepted inside me like my subconscious, because the excellent delivery system that Shanghai has (order past midnight, item arrives in the morning) people in Shanghai do their shopping in the comfort of their homes. I personally enjoy shopping for groceries and have them delivered to my door step.Since the inception of the idea of shopping online, and some certain delays in my planning before Chinese New Year, I had no choice but to shop at this portal, a Malaysian biggest, so they claimed.

I put in an order of 5 items, happy with the purchase, I keyed in my credit card number and proceed with the check out. Delivery was prompt as the order came right on my door step the next day, barely 24 hours.

First, the box was opened. Not surprised because seals do get lose during transport, especially with how Zalora choose to seal their boxes. Checking against my order list did not reveal any missing items.

I was happy with the tee shirt that I have got. Two for myself, and one for a special person. It’s Nike and another from Pestle & Mortar. I can’t imagine anything will go wrong with it.

Then it was the pants. I was having a lot of trouble sizing the pants, so I went to pants that I wa comfortable with, and got that size. The pants that arrived was a tad too small, not tight just tight, but utterly impossible to buckle. How can it be so wrong? I ponder.

Then it came the shoes. It was flawed. I actually didn’t mind that a thread is sticking out so I put it aside.

At this point of time. I had no thoughts of returning. As I do not find any fuss for me to return them. I can give the pants to someone else, and I probably can fix that orphaned thread.

The missing link

Horror strikes when I tried on the shoe. It felt like my toes had fell into a sink hole. I checked again at the quality of the shoes, and the glue work disgust me.

It's longer than you think

I imagined that someone used the wrong sized insole and instead of swapping it with a correct sized ones, they just extended it by cutting it and sticking it to the other end of the cloth. If the cutting was made a tad bit lower, my toes would not have felt the sink hole, and the shoe would had past my ‘stringent’ quality control.

Bad stick job?

Further checks shows that there are bad glue jobs. The insole are just smeared with very little glue, and I anticipate that it will fall apart perhaps after 2 wears. It started to fall apart when I gentle pulled it.

I had sent them an email requesting for a RMA (Return merchandise authorization) and that email was not answer. I made a phone call to the friendly people. It was a local store so communication was tad easy.

My call was answered by Bob, I made up this name. Read further.

Bob got my order number, and was very prompt telling me that my merchandise has left the warehouse and should be on the way. I told Bob that I want to return 2 items and he said a pick up can only be done the following week. I wasn’t happy about it and requested Bob to rearrange the pick up date earlier so I can actually get a good goods. Bob refuse to bulge, citing that it wasn’t his department, and there is nothing he can do about it. In other words, he asked me to sulk.

Then, conversation went to quality control. I wasn’t being fussy when I said that, but having a hole in my shoe is just isn’t good quality control. Bob suggest that I go down to the warehouse and do my own QC. When I asked for his name, he hung up.

I posted a rather loud message on Facebook, together with photos. Zalora responded with a phone call.

Caroline called to tell me that she is sorry of my unfortunate experience, and would like to arrange a pick up a week after Chinese New Year.

You see, the whole reason I was doing my shopping with Zalora is because of it’s delivery time. At least on the website it stated that within 1 to 3 business days. However, one would not anticipate a defective item, and thus rendering the whole ‘no new cloths during Chinese New Year’ effect to be true. 

Instead of providing with a passable solution, Caroline did a very bad mistake; she asked me what I want.

I want a new pair of shoes, and a new pair of pants. Something that I have paid for.

She refused.

In her own words, she said, “Even if I put in the order now, you will not get them tomorrow. You got your order today is because you are very lucky.”

WHAT? How can you say that to a customer? Moreover, didn’t your website state that your delivery time is 1 to 3 business days? This is on a Wednesday, there is still Thursday, Friday and Saturday to deliver the goods!

At that point, I was furious. I told Caroline that I would like to send back all their items and I do not want a refund in the form of store credit. She said that it will be done and the funds back to my credit card. I packed up everything and left it in the box.

Following with Ms Caroline’s claim that I was lucky to receive the merchandise the next day, I did an experiment. I ordered another Pestle & Mortar. This time a dark color. Just in case Ms Caroline was right and that I was just lucky to receive my merchandise on the next day.

Now, let’s wait.

Edit:  I had no tailor type of measuring tape, so I took a handyman’s tape and measures the pants.

To my horror, and explains why I could not buckle at all.

Sized 29 or 32?

Edit:  I made an order, about an hour after Ms Caroline’s call on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, I received a package, the order that I have made on Wednesday, after Ms Caroline of Zalora’s call, an order which Ms Caroline said it will be impossible to fulfill, an order that is against all odds.

Shipping the next day

Shortly after the post went live, I received another call from Zalora; Sonia saw my postings and is very eager to help. She offered to put in an order for me on that day itself, and hand deliver it to me at my parent’s.

Edit: Sonia updated the status of the order all the way by phone calls. I don’t understand why she choose to hand deliver it though. She could have just arranged for the RMA items next week after Chinese New Year. I mean, I have already spent close to RM400, why would I want to run away with a pair of defective shoes, and a tight pair of pants?

Edit: Thursday night shortly before 9pm. Received a personal call from Zalora’s head of customer service. He offered his mobile number in which I should call him if there is any trouble. I am not sure if this applies to my future purchase, but it was surely a nice gesture.

Edit: Friday. Someone in Zalora mixed up the merchandise, instead of informing that the package from the warehouse was delivered to the HQ to Sonia, the person called me and thought I was a staff in Zalora.

A few minutes later, Sonia called and informed me that she will be seeing me on Saturday delivering the goods to me. I still could not understand why the waste of resources where they could just collect the RMA next week after Chinese New Year.

Edit:  Saturday. A great morning, a day before Chinese New Year.

Sonia arrived with a box in her embrace delivering my perfect shoes and pants that I can actually fit in. (It was size 34, and tight). Sonia also offered to take any of my future orders personally. Not sure what she meant, but it was surely another nice gesture.

Edit: About a week after, I received an email from Zalora’s support advising about the returned merchandise. They had since then issue a coupon code based on the value of the returned merchandise. I left the coupon idle for a week before spending them, in case they didn’t realized I had already had an exchange. I received RM170 worth of tee shirt and shoes after that.

Facebook Postings……

I have omitted the conversation where Sonia asked me to watch my language, and I inadvertently inserted the word ‘shit’ into the conversation.