When I first started photography, I had a lot of chance to shoot in a night club. Being able to hold the camera still to get a perfect exposure with slow shutter speed was my advantage.

Project Underground Series @ Sunshine BarThat being my foundation, I was never needed to be on ISO higher than 400, and I could capture much of the ambience and lighting of the surrounding.

I wasn’t pleased with what I get. I started going deeper into the realm of slow shutter speed, going down as long as 1 second, without a tripod.

Back then, I was shooting with JPG and never had the thoughts of exploring on RAW. Media wasn’t cheap as I always opt for the highest speed that I could get. Back then, a mere 4GB class 6 would cost me RM400+, not to mention hard disk storage, DVDs and etc.

Then I slowly moved on to RAW as media is getting cheaper and cheaper. I generally shoot about 100-500 pictures for a night’s event but it depends on the degree of assignments. I have also try to refrain from shutter spamming too much, as I have learned during one of my fashion shows that not only it hurts the flashguns, it also hurts the processing time.

RAW processing is another learning curve for me. As much as I love the on camera’s processing power, putting in the sharpness, saturation and etc into the picture in a JPG I still prefer to tweek these myself. In return, I get to make the picture the way I want it, with so much more flexibility.