I was browsing my archives and I stumbled across this photo. It was a group photo of a few DJs from different ‘clans’ at the end of the night after a ‘battle’.

I was on stage, lighting was minimal when I took this picture.

Lollipop pres. SEDUCTION - a GOLDSOUNDS & BLUE ( I ) collaboration - 6 November 2009Nothing special about this picture, but the story behind reminds me of the arrogance behind it.

There was two photographers on stage that night. The first photographer took a shot, rather high shutter speed, perhaps a very strong strobe as well. Second photographer took this, slow shutter speed, a hint of strobe.

First photographer thought it was unusually slow, handshake and all. He then peek at the preview on the LCD screen of the second photographer.

“Very nice, what settings did you use?”

“Of course it’s nice. See who is holding the camera. Talk experience, you are not there yet.’

With an arrogant attitude, the second photographer walked away.

That second photographer, is me.