A lot of my studio work involves working with models. It is really easy to make minor adjustments to make the image pop especially when the model already have flawless skin.

I like to do these before sending the images to Photoshop for manipulation.

F&F Kids MF 23867

Like the previous Lightroom Presets, you toggle Adjustment Brush by tapping the K key.

In my Portraiture Enhancement Adjustment Brush bundle, I provided you with Brighten Eyes, Eyes Sharpen and Red Lips Adjustment Brush.

Brighten Eyes are simply the adjustment brush to brighten the white part of the eyes. The sclera appears slightly yellow in adult, and this can often be corrected by the Adjustment Brush. You can also use the same Adjustment Brush for teeth-whitening.

Adjustment Brush Dropdown

Depending on the color of the eyes and the direction your strobe, the Iris Enhance Adjustment Brush is good in bringing out the colors of the iris. Iris Enhance is included with Adobe Lightroom 4.

The Red Lips Adjustment brush are best used in adults. You can even use the same brush to give a lipstick gloss effect. Just change the colors!

Compare Enhanced Eyes and Lips

To install,

>1) Navigate to your Lightroom presets folder. The easiest way to do this is to go to Lightroom’s preferences by clicking the Lightroom menu and choosing Preferences (PC: Edit > Preferences). Then choose the Presets tab and click the “Show Lightroom Presets Folder” button to open the Lightroom Folder.

>2) Now go into the Lightroom Folder. Then go into the Local Adjustment Presets folder.

>3) UNZIP the file you downloaded from the bottom of this post.

>4) Copy and paste the “.lrtemplate” files into the Local Adjustment Presets folder.

>5) Restart Lightroom

To use, simply select Adjustment Brush while you are in Develop module, or simply tap the K key on the keyboard. Select one of the effects from the Effects dropdown. Simply paint it over for the effect. I also like to toggle Auto Mask for the edge detection. You can also view the mask overlay by tapping the O key.

Melvin’s LR4 Portraiture Enhancement Adjustment Brush Preset