Keyboard preferences Caps Lock

When you are applying ratings, flags or color labels to your batch of images, you can actually tap on the Caps Lock key to enable auto advance in Lightroom.

When enabled, Auto Advance feature in Lightroom will automatically advance to the next photo in line.

* 0-5 for star ratings
* 6-9 for color labels (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue)
* P for Pick Flag
* X for Rejected Flag
* U for Unflagged

**In Photoshop**

In Photoshop, the Caps Lock key change your Brush tool(B) from your selected brush tip to a precise cursor. This is useful when you want to see the precise center of your brush tip.

*The screenshot above was taken from my Mac when I had previously disabled Caps Lock. I was wondering why is my Caps Lock on my keyboard not functioning. It turns out that I have disabled it from my System Preferences once upon a time.*