Keyboard preferences Caps Lock

When you are apply­ing rat­ings, flags or color labels to your batch of images, you can actu­ally tap on the Caps Lock key to enable auto advance in Light­room.

When enabled, Auto Advance fea­ture in Light­room will auto­mat­i­cally advance to the next photo in line.

* 0 – 5 for star rat­ings
* 6 – 9 for color labels (Red, Yel­low, Green and Blue)
* P for Pick Flag
* X for Rejected Flag
* U for Unflagged

**In Pho­to­shop**

In Pho­to­shop, the Caps Lock key change your Brush tool(B) from your selected brush tip to a pre­cise cur­sor. This is use­ful when you want to see the pre­cise cen­ter of your brush tip.

*The screen­shot above was taken from my Mac when I had pre­vi­ously dis­abled Caps Lock. I was won­der­ing why is my Caps Lock on my key­board not func­tion­ing. It turns out that I have dis­abled it from my Sys­tem Pref­er­ences once upon a time.*