Stalking the Subjects

Usually when I am on an assignment to a familiar club, I would camp on a few places where I know the action will be and I will just sit there for it. I was sitting on the stair’s rails when I took this shot. This guy actually jumped up and filled my sensor with his face. I thought … Continue reading

Borderless Printing

I had thought most modern color printers are the same; they allow borderless printing on paper, as long as it does not exceed the paper size the printer could take. I was wrong. I recently bought myself the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-In-One printer. To my dismay, the printer just refuse to … Continue reading

Tattoo Girls

During my stint as a photographer in night clubs I had met with people from different backgrounds. From the rich who is willing to spent money on beverages, to the peeps that begs for a ‘guest list’. I myself is a tattoo fan, sporting a few tattoos myself. Met these two sweet … Continue reading