As often as it sounds, I could not stand the fact that sometimes road users going into SmartTAG gantries without first checking on their SmartTAG status or balance.

Until I have experienced it this fine morning.What more is I could not understand why is there such primitive system. Seriously.

It is not that there is no such technology available, just look at the systems implemented world wide. Are there still electronic paying systems that is slow, and dangerous ?

Why is there a need to have a barrier on electronic paying systems? Not only that, when I was traveling earlier this morning, I was very sure that my speed did not even exceed 20km/h due to the rain and slippery roads. I was 5 inches away from knocking the barrier. Five inches!

It wasn”t a faulty SmartTAG, it wasn”t because I did not have enough credits. I reversed back out from the gantry, and my SmartTAG beeped indicating that there was no issues with it.

What happened? What if I was a little hurry, what if I was running late? Worst, what if I was going at a higher speed. Would the slippery road and my tires play along?

I doubt.

Why is there not a system where the barrier could be eliminated. Less accidents that way. No jams as people are still able to go through the gantry without holding up traffic.

Then, what about those people that was “missed” due the equipment failure, or in the event of something went wrong? There is always the camera capture, that is always linked to the transport department. I don”t see why is there an issue.

So we have less accidents, less clog, less impatient people causing more accidents by reversing and getting into another lane, and smooth flowing traffic.

Why is there not a such system? It is all thing good as far as I could see. Well one thing for sure, Singapore is running it, it would not be half as bad, right?

Only the Malaysian government would know the answer.