The costumes are set, camera ready and rolling. It was my first time to direct a music video, and I thought that it is much of a success, despite several hiccups.

Nevertheless, it was fun working with the boys.

We started by running a few location inside our head. A location that would be suitable for the video. We wanted something different, and something that people do not often see, even if they know Kuala Lumpur.

Our primary location was at downtown KL before moving to the city centre. Spent a day in the jam and reccé for location, but it was worthwhile.

Come shooting day, we were by the mercy of the weather. The previous day, we had really bad weather and a few of our primary location were flooded. It was clear all the way.

Some scenes were not done right on the first day. We had to reshoot. Looking for a new location, we did. The editing and putting it together was a grueling 4 days job. With almost no sleep, we managed to hit the deadline.

We changed the story line a little, since we do not have a 5 member team. It was a tough time putting it together as I wasn’t familiar with the song. I still remember sitting in the cafe for almost 15 hours because we were rushing to get it done. The bill sum up to almost RM110 at the end of the day.

We put the video into a contest. We did not win despite having the highest votes amongst the others. We were nominated, and mentioned in the final video.