I am seriously wondering what kinda staffs are they hiring at the TM call center. First there was issues with StreamyX. Then perhaps they did a “revamp” of some sort and thought it would make them money also if they try to con people into their system by offering them a wee bit more bandwidth. So there I was, signing up for UniFi on their website, which UniFi.my without the www would not work; can”t expect much from TM engineers, right?On that January 18 night, I entered in my details, clearly noticing that my installation address is wrong. I make sure I entered my billing address correctly as there is no way I could change/amend my installation address. Hopefully these people behind the computer would be smart enough to at least know. I was wrong.

On the fine morning a day before Chinese New Year, I received a call to confirm my installation address, which is the wrong one.

I was given the following options. 1. Recreate a new profile with the correct installation address. 2. Reschedule because the port has been installed/different port. 3. Sulk it up. I refuse to cooperate with such extortion. Firstly, I believe it was a system error as there was no way for me to fill in my installation address manually. Secondly, Number 1 and my house, is less than 100 meters away, on the same street, and using the same telco box. I doubt there is such “different port” being used.

I was then given the following options. 1. Drop the login ID, create new profile 2. Retain login ID, reschedule installation date. I could not comprehend nor could I understand.

If I were to recreate a new profile, with my original user ID, I have to reschedule. Why? If I was scheduled to 6th of Feb, and if there is any changes at all, I am still scheduled to 6th of Feb. Even if I leave my spot, the spot is still empty and should still be at 6th of Feb. I could not understand the fact that I have to reschedule until the end of February!

Even if I create a new order, dropping a user ID which I have

retained for the past 10 years, my spot on 6th of Feb is still vacant. Why can”t I be placed back in there? No logic at all.

So I have planned that I am leaving KL until Saturday, where I have a lunch meet up with fellow colleague and fellow twitterer. Sunday morning for the planned installation of UniFi and Monday back to work. Everything works out perfectly, except for now that I have Sunday free, with no coffee shop open, and the malls are empty like a ghost

townpacked like sardine cans.

What should I do on a blardee Sunday which I have planned since January 18th?

It”s a simple matter. Amend the “wrong” address and continue with the installation.

That way, you are happy because I”m paying for the services, I am happy because then my Sunday would not be wasted.

Plus the fact is that it was a birthday gift that I present to myself. How can you freaking reschedule it?


6th February  2011

9:30am – TM Engineers are no where to be seen.

10:30am – TM Engineers are still now here to be seen.

12:30pm – TM Engineers must have been traveling to the moon and back to my home at USJ 2

8th February 2011

12:30pm – Call to UniFi hotline 1 300 88 1222 only to be put on hold, claiming that all representatives are “engaged”.

12:35pm – Could not locate my order ID, claimed that the order was canceled. A new account under my name was created, and rescheduled to 23rd February 2011.

12:40pm – UniFi representatives confused with order, transfer to billing department, engaged again. Was told to call another number, I asked them to call me instead, I AM the customer here.

So, now I am scheduled to another date, in which is a working Wednesday, in which there will be no possibility of me making that appointment. My order was canceled, a new “profile” being created, which I do not understand why.

I am here, thinking of signing up during their one month promotion, and that hoping to get that RM200 RM 249 (One month free subscription) discount and now ended up with all that frust. Was it worth it? It”s still too early to tell. Let”s see what the billing department got to say.


10th February 2011

10:30am – Was about to give UniFi hotline a call when my phone now display an incoming call from UniFi. UniFi representative Sobanah set a new appointment time for me on March 5th, the soonest that she can schedule me, apparently. I have also claimed that since a new profile was created, I do not have any other user details beside my username “starwing” which I have insist of having. I requested for a password for all the other services that was bundled together with UniFi. Sobanah sent an email with all the username and passwords attached.

5th March 2011

Contractors came over at 1 o”clock after a phone call to me to confirm that I am available, pretty efficient. Installation was done without hiccup. TM UniFi call center called around 3:40pm to check on the status, at that moment, they were still busy pulling the fibre at the exterior of the house. I had suggested that they lay the cable on the roof across to the front, for minimal drilling.

At 4:30 pm, the contractors begin configuring the hardwares. It seems like my account on TM UniFi authentication server is not activated, or some sort.

At 6:30 pm after generous calls from my new UniFi IP phone, the contractors declared that this would be a “return order”. Not sure what that means, but I was hoping that I can keep the equipments, at least I could stare at it while my StreamyX is running.

6th March 2011

A call from TM UniFi customer service to set up another appointment. They have no other dates in March so the next available date would be April 2nd. Will see.

16 March 2011 

A call from TM UniFi customer service to confirm the appointment set by April 2nd. This time they arranged it in the morning 9:30am instead of the proposed date April 2nd 2:30pm.

19 March 2011

A call from TM UniFi customer service to push the appointment date to March 20th.

My UniFi service is working a few days after the TM UniFi contractors came to install the service. The contractors has keyed in my login ID into the device, and one morning it just begun to work mysteriously. It only proves that my theory is correct, that my user account was not created in a proper manner.

*When I asked why is it that the TM UniFi contractors needs to come over again for the second appointment only to be replied that there are some documents that needs my signatures. Perhaps there is also a record to Speedtest.net that I need to do, as I have seen in their forms. *

Perhaps it is good that they come soon as the speed isn”t as great as I would have imagined. They blamed the fibre optics ACPN2 due to the Japanese earthquake but I am only making a connection via Speedtest.net to a server in Cyberjaya. As much as I would want to play dumb on this matter, believing such hypocrisy propaganda from Telecom Malaysia would only make me as good as one. 

2 April 2011

TM UniFi contractor finally came over. Run through some test and made me sign the papers. Total time wasted, 15 minutes.

Of course, they had to make up what is left. How they have layed the cables, how they have configured the equipments. I won”t be surprised even if they resell the equipments off!

Now that I can officially complain if t here is any downtime whatsoever on my UniFi service, I shall bring nightmare to you people.