I remem­ber the day when I received news that I would be start­ing to work in Shang­hai that I almost freaked out. The new envi­ron­ment, new col­leagues, new every­thing and the hor­ror sto­ry of China.


Every­thing was arranged by the com­pa­ny, the Visa, the flights, the tran­sit from air­port, the lodg­ing, everything.

Is this how expa­tri­ates are being pampered?


In flight meal was pleas­ant, with bot­tom­less wine to go. I had about 4 cups of the wine, a tray full of food and lots of snacks. The view out was pleas­ant­ly good too since it was a morn­ing flight. I had choosen a win­dowed seat, and the seat beside me is vacant.


Just when we were descend­ing I took a peek out. Farm hous­es, farms and greens.

My arrival to Shang­hai Pudong Inter­na­tion­al Airport(上海浦东国际机场) was delayed for 2 hours. The Chi­nese dri­vers and col­league were wait­ing by the entrance. I was only giv­en a name, and a car num­ber plate to match.

It takes anoth­er hour from Shang­hai Pudong Air­port to Min­hang district(闵行). In June, Shang­hai is slow­ly mov­ing from Spring to Sum­mer. Tem­per­a­ture range between 24° Cel­sius in the day to 18° Cel­sius at night. Vehi­cles trav­el­ing along the express­way have their win­dows down for the cool air. Shang­hai Maglev Train(上海磁浮示范运营线) trav­eled past us with extreme speed.


Sun­rise is typ­i­cal­ly around 4:30 in the morn­ing, and sun­sets at around 7 in the evening.

The office has arranged an apart­ment for me. Ful­ly equip with Inter­net, air-con­di­tion­ing, hot water, and cook­ing facil­i­ties. The office is only a stone throw away, and there are a lot of eater­ies out­side of our apart­ment. I lat­er learn that cen­tral­ized hot water are the basic ameni­ties in Shanghai.

Bot­tled water were pro­vid­ed and deliv­ered to us every week. I lat­er learn that the water sup­ply in Shang­hai is very hard and is not suit­able for drink­ing. The near­est sub­way sta­tion is about 10 min­utes walk away, and the near­est mall is about 10 min­utes taxi ride. Taxis in Min­hang dis­trict is cod­ed and can only trav­el with­in the vicin­i­ty. The sub­way sta­tion is between the dis­trict bor­der and there is a north and south entrance. The Min­hang taxi only goes to one.

Shanghai Public Transportation Card

Trav­el­ing is made easy with Shang­hai Trans­porta­tion Card. You can pay your taxi fare, your bus fare and your sub­way fare using the card.