It was first a very pleas­ant sur­prised by DiGi Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion when I received a phone call inform­ing me that they will be send­ing me a HTC 7 Mozart. I was wrong; the phone, and the ser­vices, and the igno­rance from the tel­co has bugged me since July 2011.

A few days lat­er, I received a pack­age con­tain­ing the phone from the local couri­er service.

HTZ 7 Mozartdd

After I boot­ed up the phone, I real­ized that I would need anoth­er SIM in order to enjoy the func­tion­al­i­ty of the phone. Since the phone was from DiGi, I went ahead to get myself a Pre­paid Plan from DiGi. At RM8.50 for the DiGi Best Pre­paid Starter­Pack, it was­n’t too expen­sive at all.

Not too long after I have got my SIM pack from my favorite deal­er, I receive a rather weird SMS.


It was my first spam mes­sage from DiGi. Just bare­ly a few hours after I have acti­vat­ed myself on DiGi’s Pre­paid net­work. How fan­tas­tic is that?

The main pur­pose of get­ting the num­ber was to have a spare. It would not be used to make much calls, but just to keep it active for incom­ing calls. I want­ed to acti­vate one of DiGi’s ser­vice, the 365 with a sub­scrip­tion fee of RM30 per year.

*128# refuse to work. I called to their helpline to try to get it acti­vat­ed, and I was told that I could do it on my phone.

Sev­er­al calls over the span of a few weeks, I gave up try­ing to explain. I made a Youtube video and embed it to their online sup­port page. Again, no one was will­ing to acknowl­edge the issue, and blam­ing that it some inter­mit­tent tower/grey area problem.

Prob­a­bly sev­er­al weeks back, or a month or a few months. I was approached by some head of depart­ment of some sort in DiGi by the twit­ter name @meshlah. I was com­plain­ing about the DiGi Face­book SMS con­test which is noth­ing but(sic) spamville.

After I got in touch with @meshlah, I was promised that my prob­lem with *128# would be looked into. Briefly on the next day, I received an anony­mous call which I lat­er find out was in fact from DiGi. The call came with­out iden­ti­fy­ing the caller, and I was greet­ed by “Who is this?”

Way to go DiGi.

After that anony­mous call, I was yet again promised by @meshlah that the mat­ter would be looked into, again. Sub­se­quent­ly anoth­er fol­low up call was made and I briefly explained the prob­lem, in which I also includ­ed the video that I made on Youtube to fur­ther explain my dismay.

No calls or con­fir­ma­tion of any sort after that. Sub­se­quent tweets to @meshlah and @DiGi_telco was ignored.

I had no thoughts of pur­su­ing the issue, until I received a phone call from DiGi few days ago. Caller said that they have acknowl­edge my prob­lem, and will look into the issue. Again, telling me that it is a tow­er issue.

I was­n’t sure since when my com­mu­ni­ca­tion with @meshlah began, but from Google Search, it start­ed way back in July.

So if @meshlah have been look­ing into the issue since July, why is DiGi only call­ing me few days ago, almost 4 months? Has your tow­er hav­ing issues since 4 months ago, and you have yet to iden­ti­fy the prob­lem? If this is a phone issue, will DiGi replace the phone, since the phone was sent by DiGi to me?

I won­der how many moons before I get a sat­is­fac­to­ry reply.

Events that hap­pened are loose­ly based on how I remem­ber them; I could have made the time­line wrongly.

The said Youtube video can be viewed here

So I did a lit­tle dig­ging myself. It seems like the HTC 7 Mozart do not sup­port DiGi Pre­paid’s UMB. Per­haps this also applies to post­paid. What­ev­er the case is, DiGi sent me a phone that does­n’t work with their net­work. Hurray!