Adobe had caused a stir a cou­ple of weeks ago when they announce its sub­scrip­tion-based ‘Cre­ative Cloud’ ser­vice.

To help you under­stand Adobe’s con­fus­ing pric­ing sys­tems, the good folks at Dig­i­tal Cam­era Info has put togeth­er an info­graph­ic that com­pares the cost of boxed sets and the cost of a ‘Cre­ative Cloud’ subscription.

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Creative Cloud and Boxed Set comparison

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While some think that the sub­scrip­tion-based mod­el used by Adobe is more expen­sive, it is actu­al­ly not. Com­pared to boxed ver­sion, the sub­scrip­tion mod­el is cheap­er if you cal­cu­late it on a year­ly basis. Typ­i­cal­ly, the more Adobe’s appli­ca­tion that you use, the cheap­er the Cloud becomes; Cre­atives typ­i­cal­ly use more than a sin­gle appli­ca­tion. A Mas­ter Col­lec­tion will cost in exces­sive of US$2000 where Cre­ative Cloud will only cost you less than US$600 a year. For more info on cloud data­base options go online.