When I first start­ed pho­tog­ra­phy, I had a lot of chance to shoot in a night club. Being able to hold the cam­era still to get a per­fect expo­sure with slow shut­ter speed was my advan­tage.

Project Underground Series @ Sunshine BarThat being my foun­da­tion, I was nev­er need­ed to be on ISO high­er than 400, and I could cap­ture much of the ambi­ence and light­ing of the sur­round­ing.

I wasn’t pleased with what I get. I start­ed going deep­er into the realm of slow shut­ter speed, going down as long as 1 sec­ond, with­out a tri­pod.

Back then, I was shoot­ing with JPG and nev­er had the thoughts of explor­ing on RAW. Media wasn’t cheap as I always opt for the high­est speed that I could get. Back then, a mere 4GB class 6 would cost me RM400+, not to men­tion hard disk stor­age, DVDs and etc.

Then I slow­ly moved on to RAW as media is get­ting cheap­er and cheap­er. I gen­er­al­ly shoot about 100 – 500 pic­tures for a night’s event but it depends on the degree of assign­ments. I have also try to refrain from shut­ter spam­ming too much, as I have learned dur­ing one of my fash­ion shows that not only it hurts the flash­guns, it also hurts the pro­cess­ing time.

RAW pro­cess­ing is anoth­er learn­ing curve for me. As much as I love the on camera’s pro­cess­ing pow­er, putting in the sharp­ness, sat­u­ra­tion and etc into the pic­ture in a JPG I still pre­fer to tweek these myself. In return, I get to make the pic­ture the way I want it, with so much more flex­i­bil­i­ty.