Bright and sun­ny day would be a nice time to shoot a beau­ti­ful sky, but if you are try­ing to expose a sub­ject under shades or with their backs to the sun, you will more often than not get blown out or lack of sky details due to the dynam­ic range of a typ­i­cal dig­i­tal cam­era.

Dramatic Sky Luminance Control

You can use Adobe Pho­to­shop Light­room to enhance the sky with the sat­u­ra­tion slid­er, but your sat­u­ra­tion set­tings will inten­si­fy the col­ors glob­al­ly, and depend­ing on the sub­ject of the pho­to­graph, that might not be the best solu­tion. With sat­u­ra­tion, it is fair­ly easy to mrs with skin tones, and that is some­thing that you would not want to mess with.

A good alter­na­tive is to use the blue lumi­nance slid­er. It should pull some blues out of your image and as a result a more bold­er and dark­er sky.

Dramatic Sky Before and AfterBefore and after of the Lumi­nance Blue slid­er effect.

As with any­thing in Light­room, you can make a pre­set out of it. My pre­set include 3 lev­el of set­tings which you can use. As always, you can use the nav­i­ga­tor to pre­view before you apply the said pre­set.

To install,

1) Nav­i­gate to your Light­room pre­sets fold­er. The eas­i­est way to do this is to go to Lightroom’s pref­er­ences by click­ing the Light­room menu and choos­ing Pref­er­ences (PC: Edit > Pref­er­ences). Then choose the Pre­sets tab and click the “Show Light­room Pre­sets Fold­er” but­ton to open the Light­room Fold­er.

2) Now go into the Light­room Fold­er. Then go into the Devel­op Pre­set fold­er.

3) UNZIP the file you down­loaded from the bot­tom of this post.

4) Copy and paste the “.lrtem­plate” files into the Local Adjust­ment Pre­sets fold­er.

5) Restart Light­room

Dramatic SkyFinal image

You can down­load my Deep Blue Sky Light­room Pre­set here.