Malaysia General Election GE14We have come a long way, from the inde­pen­dence of Malaya, to what we have called home today, Malaysia.

Per­haps it is too ear­ly now to con­grat­u­late Tun Dr. Mahathir for the win, but I am con­fi­dent that the 4th Malaysian prime min­is­ter, who had led the coun­try for 22 years knows what he is doing.

Many on social media voice out that they want to abol­ish the unpop­u­lar Goods and Ser­vice Tax (GST), they want more afford­able hous­ing, bet­ter trans­porta­tion sys­tem, bet­ter Health­care and bet­ter edu­ca­tion systems.

I think these are just short term goals.

Look at our cur­ren­cy exchange with Sin­ga­pore. It was bare­ly 2 to 1 when I vis­it­ed Sin­ga­pore some 20 years ago. It is now 3 to 1, or almost; No won­der many Malaysians are flock­ing to Sin­ga­pore, hop­ing to cash some back home.

At a recent online poll, some Malaysians are ask­ing for less con­ges­tion on the road. I almost fell down my chair look­ing for a sen­si­ble if not rea­son­able expla­na­tions. Have the said per­son thought why are the roads con­gest­ed in the first place? Had the per­son ever thought, why are we a nation, that is so reliant on pri­vate transportation?

Then there are the clans that are against Tun, call­ing Tun the dic­ta­tor. Has he not brought the coun­try up to pro­duce our own cars? Has he not brought back the econ­o­my dur­ing the 1997 econ­o­my down­fall? I say, if he had not, we are prob­a­bly still liv­ing in wood­en houses.

There isn’t any free health care, there is no free edu­ca­tion, no BR1M, no this and no that.

So what if there are free edu­ca­tion if the peo­ple that come out from school, lack the basic com­mon sense? What is free edu­ca­tion if mug­ging, snatch theft and p pet­ty crimes are of that ram­pant? Text books are loaned to those who can’t afford. Free edu­ca­tion was not need­ed at that time, and prob­a­bly not need­ed now too see­ing how many pri­vate insti­tu­tions are up and mushrooming.

Free Health­care were not need­ed because peo­ple are health­i­er at that time. When the cost of liv­ing rais­es, so will the need of Health­care because peo­ple are prone to sick­ness due to the amount of processed food they consume.

Just go to Selayang hos­pi­tal and look at those on the sick bay. Those are 30 year olds 40 year olds with dia­betes, heart dis­ease. Look at our fore­fa­thers, they are liv­ing healti­ly till the age of 100 if not more (my grand­fa­ther passed on at the age of 104)

Will the abol­ish­ment of the GST would be able to sus­tain the liveli­hood of the folks, name­ly the BR1M pay­outs, Health­care, and edu­ca­tion? I per­son­al­ly believe it would.

With DAP’s track record of gov­ern­ing the state of Penang, at 99.7% suc­cess rate and with the sav­ings of 40% I believe it can be done.

Najib’s modus operan­di is always the sweet icing of the cake, offer­ing what seems to be too good to be true. Truth is, his admin­is­tra­tion has took the meat of the patin fish, and left you with the gravy.

Tun has got 22 years of run­ning the coun­try, he do not need to relearn like how Badawi did oh so bad­ly. If only Najib would run the coun­try like how his father did, we do not need to be liv­ing in such sad state.

Let our chil­dren have a bet­ter tomor­row, because the choice we have now, deter­mines their future.

Every vote counts, vote wisely.