As often as it sounds, I could not stand the fact that some­times road users going into Smart­TAG gantries with­out first check­ing on their Smart­TAG sta­tus or bal­ance.

Until I have expe­ri­enced it this fine morn­ing.What more is I could not under­stand why is there such prim­i­tive sys­tem. Seri­ous­ly.

It is not that there is no such tech­nol­o­gy avail­able, just look at the sys­tems imple­ment­ed world wide. Are there still elec­tron­ic pay­ing sys­tems that is slow, and dan­ger­ous ?

Why is there a need to have a bar­ri­er on elec­tron­ic pay­ing sys­tems? Not only that, when I was trav­el­ing ear­li­er this morn­ing, I was very sure that my speed did not even exceed 20km/h due to the rain and slip­pery roads. I was 5 inch­es away from knock­ing the bar­ri­er. Five inch­es!

It wasn“t a faulty Smart­TAG, it wasn“t because I did not have enough cred­its. I reversed back out from the gantry, and my Smart­TAG beeped indi­cat­ing that there was no issues with it.

What hap­pened? What if I was a lit­tle hur­ry, what if I was run­ning late? Worst, what if I was going at a high­er speed. Would the slip­pery road and my tires play along?

I doubt.

Why is there not a sys­tem where the bar­ri­er could be elim­i­nat­ed. Less acci­dents that way. No jams as peo­ple are still able to go through the gantry with­out hold­ing up traf­fic.

Then, what about those peo­ple that was “missed” due the equip­ment fail­ure, or in the event of some­thing went wrong? There is always the cam­era cap­ture, that is always linked to the trans­port depart­ment. I don“t see why is there an issue.

So we have less acci­dents, less clog, less impa­tient peo­ple caus­ing more acci­dents by revers­ing and get­ting into anoth­er lane, and smooth flow­ing traf­fic.

Why is there not a such sys­tem? It is all thing good as far as I could see. Well one thing for sure, Sin­ga­pore is run­ning it, it would not be half as bad, right?

Only the Malaysian gov­ern­ment would know the answer.