Slow Shutter

I have recently read an article on Improve Photography on how sometimes a very long shutter speed does not equal to blur picture due to movements. When I was doing my club shoots, I often do not go faster than 1/3s of shutter speed. Partially it was due to hardware limitation and secondly is … Continue reading

Laser and Strobe Lights

I have grown to like shooting in the club so much that I have gotten used to laser beams and strobe lights. Lisa’s set was great that night. Blow the roof off, as some might say.Then again, if on every club nights the DJ would blow off the roof,then the roof maintenance must be pretty high. … Continue reading

Clubbing pictures?

A friend once told me that I should start a website with content that I readily have, the Malaysian clubbing scenes. The friend said, I have a lot of materials that I have took with my trusty camera back in the days. These materials are premium never seen before pictures of girls in clubs. The … Continue reading