One of my big endeav­or and perk is to be able to shoot big stars when I am pho­tograph­ing the club scenes.

I got to work togeth­er with famous peo­ple like Steve Aoki, Hed Kan­di, Bloody Beet­roots, just to name a few.

Chivas Presents - Steve Aoki

While it is eas­i­er to just wait at the right moment to take a shot, I pre­fer work­ing togeth­er with these artists to cre­ate the kind of feel and look that I want. Depend­ing on the kind of music/performance that they are doing.

Most peo­ple do not get is the lit­tle thing about the artist. Like for Steve Aoki, I man­aged to get a snap­shot of his head­phones, which is DIM MAK brand­ed.More