The cos­tumes are set, cam­era ready and rolling. It was my first time to direct a music video, and I thought that it is much of a suc­cess, despite sev­er­al hic­cups.

Nev­er­the­less, it was fun work­ing with the boys.

We start­ed by run­ning a few loca­tion inside our head. A loca­tion that would be suit­able for the video. We want­ed some­thing dif­fer­ent, and some­thing that peo­ple do not often see, even if they know Kuala Lumpur.

Our pri­ma­ry loca­tion was at down­town KL before mov­ing to the city cen­tre. Spent a day in the jam and rec­cé for loca­tion, but it was worth­while.

Come shoot­ing day, we were by the mer­cy of the weath­er. The pre­vi­ous day, we had real­ly bad weath­er and a few of our pri­ma­ry loca­tion were flood­ed. It was clear all the way.

Some scenes were not done right on the first day. We had to reshoot. Look­ing for a new loca­tion, we did. The edit­ing and putting it togeth­er was a gru­el­ing 4 days job. With almost no sleep, we man­aged to hit the dead­line.

We changed the sto­ry line a lit­tle, since we do not have a 5 mem­ber team. It was a tough time putting it togeth­er as I wasn’t famil­iar with the song. I still remem­ber sit­ting in the café for almost 15 hours because we were rush­ing to get it done. The bill sum up to almost RM110 at the end of the day.

We put the video into a con­test. We did not win despite hav­ing the high­est votes amongst the oth­ers. We were nom­i­nat­ed, and men­tioned in the final video.