I am seri­ous­ly won­der­ing what kin­da staffs are they hir­ing at the TM call cen­ter. First there was issues with StreamyX. Then per­haps they did a “revamp” of some sort and thought it would make them mon­ey also if they try to con peo­ple into their sys­tem by offer­ing them a wee bit more band­width. So there I was, sign­ing up for UniFi on their web­site, which UniFi.my with­out the www would not work; can“t expect much from TM engi­neers, right?On that Jan­u­ary 18 night, I entered in my details, clear­ly notic­ing that my instal­la­tion address is wrong. I make sure I entered my billing address cor­rect­ly as there is no way I could change/amend my instal­la­tion address. Hope­ful­ly these peo­ple behind the com­put­er would be smart enough to at least know. I was wrong.

On the fine morn­ing a day before Chi­nese New Year, I received a call to con­firm my instal­la­tion address, which is the wrong one.

I was giv­en the fol­low­ing options. 1. Recre­ate a new pro­file with the cor­rect instal­la­tion address. 2. Resched­ule because the port has been installed/different port. 3. Sulk it up. I refuse to coöper­ate with such extor­tion. First­ly, I believe it was a sys­tem error as there was no way for me to fill in my instal­la­tion address man­u­al­ly. Sec­ond­ly, Num­ber 1 and my house, is less than 100 meters away, on the same street, and using the same tel­co box. I doubt there is such “dif­fer­ent port” being used.

I was then giv­en the fol­low­ing options. 1. Drop the login ID, cre­ate new pro­file 2. Retain login ID, resched­ule instal­la­tion date. I could not com­pre­hend nor could I understand.

If I were to recre­ate a new pro­file, with my orig­i­nal user ID, I have to resched­ule. Why? If I was sched­uled to 6th of Feb, and if there is any changes at all, I am still sched­uled to 6th of Feb. Even if I leave my spot, the spot is still emp­ty and should still be at 6th of Feb. I could not under­stand the fact that I have to resched­ule until the end of February!

Even if I cre­ate a new order, drop­ping a user ID which I have

retained for the past 10 years, my spot on 6th of Feb is still vacant. Why can“t I be placed back in there? No log­ic at all.

So I have planned that I am leav­ing KL until Sat­ur­day, where I have a lunch meet up with fel­low col­league and fel­low twit­ter­er. Sun­day morn­ing for the planned instal­la­tion of UniFi and Mon­day back to work. Every­thing works out per­fect­ly, except for now that I have Sun­day free, with no cof­fee shop open, and the malls are emp­ty like a ghost 

townpacked like sar­dine cans.

What should I do on a blardee Sun­day which I have planned since Jan­u­ary 18th?

It“s a sim­ple mat­ter. Amend the “wrong” address and con­tin­ue with the installation.

That way, you are hap­py because I“m pay­ing for the ser­vices, I am hap­py because then my Sun­day would not be wasted.

Plus the fact is that it was a birth­day gift that I present to myself. How can you freak­ing resched­ule it?


6th Feb­ru­ary 2011

9:30am — TM Engi­neers are no where to be seen.

10:30am — TM Engi­neers are still now here to be seen.

12:30pm — TM Engi­neers must have been trav­el­ing to the moon and back to my home at USJ 2

8th Feb­ru­ary 2011

12:30pm — Call to UniFi hot­line 1 300 88 1222 only to be put on hold, claim­ing that all rep­re­sen­ta­tives are “engaged”.

12:35pm — Could not locate my order ID, claimed that the order was can­celed. A new account under my name was cre­at­ed, and resched­uled to 23rd Feb­ru­ary 2011.

12:40pm — UniFi rep­re­sen­ta­tives con­fused with order, trans­fer to billing depart­ment, engaged again. Was told to call anoth­er num­ber, I asked them to call me instead, I AM the cus­tomer here.

So, now I am sched­uled to anoth­er date, in which is a work­ing Wednes­day, in which there will be no pos­si­bil­i­ty of me mak­ing that appoint­ment. My order was can­celed, a new “pro­file” being cre­at­ed, which I do not under­stand why.

I am here, think­ing of sign­ing up dur­ing their one month pro­mo­tion, and that hop­ing to get that RM200 RM 249 (One month free sub­scrip­tion) dis­count and now end­ed up with all that frust. Was it worth it? It“s still too ear­ly to tell. Let“s see what the billing depart­ment got to say.


10th Feb­ru­ary 2011

10:30am — Was about to give UniFi hot­line a call when my phone now dis­play an incom­ing call from UniFi. UniFi rep­re­sen­ta­tive Sobanah set a new appoint­ment time for me on March 5th, the soon­est that she can sched­ule me, appar­ent­ly. I have also claimed that since a new pro­file was cre­at­ed, I do not have any oth­er user details beside my user­name “star­wing” which I have insist of hav­ing. I request­ed for a pass­word for all the oth­er ser­vices that was bun­dled togeth­er with UniFi. Sobanah sent an email with all the user­name and pass­words attached.

5th March 2011

Con­trac­tors came over at 1 o“clock after a phone call to me to con­firm that I am avail­able, pret­ty effi­cient. Instal­la­tion was done with­out hic­cup. TM UniFi call cen­ter called around 3:40pm to check on the sta­tus, at that moment, they were still busy pulling the fibre at the exte­ri­or of the house. I had sug­gest­ed that they lay the cable on the roof across to the front, for min­i­mal drilling.

At 4:30 pm, the con­trac­tors begin con­fig­ur­ing the hard­wares. It seems like my account on TM UniFi authen­ti­ca­tion serv­er is not acti­vat­ed, or some sort.

At 6:30 pm after gen­er­ous calls from my new UniFi IP phone, the con­trac­tors declared that this would be a “return order”. Not sure what that means, but I was hop­ing that I can keep the equip­ments, at least I could stare at it while my StreamyX is running.

6th March 2011

A call from TM UniFi cus­tomer ser­vice to set up anoth­er appoint­ment. They have no oth­er dates in March so the next avail­able date would be April 2nd. Will see.

16 March 2011 

A call from TM UniFi cus­tomer ser­vice to con­firm the appoint­ment set by April 2nd. This time they arranged it in the morn­ing 9:30am instead of the pro­posed date April 2nd 2:30pm.

19 March 2011

A call from TM UniFi cus­tomer ser­vice to push the appoint­ment date to March 20th.

My UniFi ser­vice is work­ing a few days after the TM UniFi con­trac­tors came to install the ser­vice. The con­trac­tors has keyed in my login ID into the device, and one morn­ing it just begun to work mys­te­ri­ous­ly. It only proves that my the­o­ry is cor­rect, that my user account was not cre­at­ed in a prop­er manner.

*When I asked why is it that the TM UniFi con­trac­tors needs to come over again for the sec­ond appoint­ment only to be replied that there are some doc­u­ments that needs my sig­na­tures. Per­haps there is also a record to Speedtest.net that I need to do, as I have seen in their forms. *

Per­haps it is good that they come soon as the speed isn“t as great as I would have imag­ined. They blamed the fibre optics ACPN2 due to the Japan­ese earth­quake but I am only mak­ing a con­nec­tion via Speedtest.net to a serv­er in Cyber­jaya. As much as I would want to play dumb on this mat­ter, believ­ing such hypocrisy pro­pa­gan­da from Tele­com Malaysia would only make me as good as one. 

2 April 2011

TM UniFi con­trac­tor final­ly came over. Run through some test and made me sign the papers. Total time wast­ed, 15 minutes.

Of course, they had to make up what is left. How they have layed the cables, how they have con­fig­ured the equip­ments. I won“t be sur­prised even if they resell the equip­ments off!

Now that I can offi­cial­ly com­plain if t here is any down­time what­so­ev­er on my UniFi ser­vice, I shall bring night­mare to you people.